Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves building new websites so that they rank highly in a search engine's organic listings when users search on terms that are related to the site's content. New Freedom Technologies optimizes websites so that small business websites can achieve higher search engine rankings.  Findability leads to profitability.

Optimizing a website to rank higher in search engines results is very important to increasing the traffic to your business website.  Google still is, by far, the most widely used search engine and knowing how Google ranks websites is not a secret.  There are proven ways to improve the chances of someone finding your website.  There are also "black hat" (clever, but dangerous) ways to rank higher.  Google is constantly addressing these underhanded ways of beating their system and will penalize or block sites they catch.  When you select a company to do SEO make sure they are reputable and know how to legitimately help your business.  SEO is hard and very time consuming.

Bottom Line

Regardless of which company you choose to work with, SEO is not an option.  It HAS to be done in order to compete because your competitors are putting in the time and money for SEO.

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